Condolence messages pour in for fallen KTN journalist Shadrack Mitty

Journalist Shadrack Mitty in a past photo. [FILE]

Journalists at the Standard Media Group have mourned the death of KTN journalist Shadrack Mitty who died on Wednesday morning after a short illness.

Colleagues at the media house have fondly remembered their newsroom interactions with Mitty, describing him as an accomplished yet so humble education reporter with an excellent work ethic.

Here are some condolence messages from Mitty’s colleagues;

“I am deeply saddened to learn about the passing of our colleague Shadrach Mitty. I have known Mitty as a very focused, composed and dedicated reporter with an unrivalled passion for education stories. We will surely miss Mitty! May the Almighty Lord give his family and friends strength during this difficult moment. RIP Mitty,” Head of Content, TV Kizito Namulanda stated.
“His dedication was unquestionable, professionalism unrivalled. A friendly team member whose contacts in the education sector made all the difference in our work. He was a good man, a perfect gentleman,” Ken Mijungu, Broadcast Deputy Editor said.

“It is sad that a very focused, composed and dedicated reporter who was very passionate about education stories has rested. I will surely miss Shaddy, my Mwalimu Mkuu!”
Agnes Gakunga, Program Editor and anchor KTN News said.

“I remember Mitty as an amiable soul, a gentle friend who was always ready to help whenever called upon. Every time we met, we shared laughter with Mwalimu. Mitty had a unique fondness for people. Just a few weeks ago, we mourned our dear friend Rita Tinina, and I recall jesting about how close they were in the newsroom. It is profoundly saddening to think that Mitty has now followed Tinina on a path where we will never meet again.
My heartfelt condolences go out to the journalism fraternity. The fourth estate is poorer without Mitty.” Francis Ontomwa, Investigations Editor said.
“Mitty was a dedicated and focused journalist. His passion for education stories was unrivalled and he loved what he did. He was friendly, soft-spoken, kind and jovial, with a positive energy. We shall surely miss him,” Patrick Vidija, Digital Sub-Editor stated.
“It is so sad to have lost Shadrack Mitty whom I knew way back before he joined the Standard Group. He was so passionate about education and he gave it all his energy. He worked long hours and even during his off duty days to make sure that matters of education are brought forth. May God protect his young family,” journalist Wilberforce Okwiri said.
“It is very unfortunate that we have lost such a humble and friendly gentleman.  I remember Shadrach Mitty through our interactions at the Standard City Centre office. He was concerned about good governance in the country and was very critical of political leaders who failed to deliver. He was very passionate about the Education sector which was his everyday bit in the newsroom,” Edwin Nyarangi, a politics reporter said.
“Mitty was a great Journalist. When I was still new in the newsroom, I would go out for assignments with him and he would guide me in a way that was not condescending. Once he arrives in the newsroom, he would greet everyone (handshake). He was Quiet, humble and caring. We used to call him ‘One Stick’ because of his name Mitty. Go well ‘One Stick’,” Agutu Rosa, a reporter said.
“Mitty, a walking Kamusi, could translate anything to Swahili in a heartbeat. I will always remember how people would shout across the newsroom to ask for translations of random English words to Swahili, often referring them to Mitty if the Swahili program editors were not around. Always humble, he praised you in public and guided you in private. I remember the first time I did my Piece-to-camera (PTC), he said, "Hussna, watu wadhania wewe huwa mswahili, umewashangaza," as he laughed at the town office. He was referring to how people were shocked to learn I am a Cushite and not a Swahili woman. May God rest his soul in a good place,” Hussna Mohamed, a Health and Science reporter stated.

“Shadrack Mitty was humble and dedicated to his journalism profession, specialising in education matters. He also reported on other matters and fit in very well. Mitty was a social and a down to earth man. I knew him many years ago when he was at QTV before he came to KTN. I will miss him most. May he RIP,” Collins Kweyu, a photojournalist, mourned.
“I remember Shadrack Mitty for his simplicity and authenticity in reporting. A good humble man. May his soul rest with angels,” Elvis Ogina, a photojournalist stated.

"Mitty warmly greeted me as my first acquaintance at KTN News. During our last conversation, he confided to me that he was struggling. I suggested that he considers taking some time off. His reply resonated with me, "Odee, should I take leave? I'm deeply troubled", recalls Standard Group's investigative reporter Odee Francis.

KTN videographer Jocelyn Ngatambu has said: "Its indeed a sad morning to learn about the passing of my colleague Shadrach Mitty. I used to refer to him as "Mwalimu" . I have known Mitty as a very focused, composed and dedicated reporter who could work with anyone, and under any circumstances. He was a personal friend, I will surely miss Mitty! May the Almighty Lord give his family and friends strength during this difficult moment. RIP Mitty."

"Mitty was a gentleman; a man of few words but always keen to detail. His passion to report on education matters touched many. He never acted on fear but facts. I'll miss his morning calls to say thank you for copy well written. Rest In Peace Mitty," stated Kisii-based journalist Eric Abuga.

The Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC, has also condoled with the family of the departed journalist. It wrote on X: "Mitty was a talented reporter who always produced balanced, informative stories on education matters. KNEC CEO, management & staff condole with Mitty's family & the media fraternity. May he RIP."

We at the Standard Group offer our condolences to Mitty’s family and friends during this difficult time.