Creators Day offers chance to think on prospects and values

International Creators Day Coordinator Martin Muli. [Courtesy]

Today the world marks the International Creators Day, a global initiative established to recognise the significant contribution that content creators have made to the lives of people around the world. 

With over half the world’s population using social media, and content being uploaded and posted everyday on the various social platforms, it is time to recognise the people who make all that possible – the creators. Globally, the creator economy has mushroomed and is expected to grow even more in the coming years, according to a study published by Goldman Sachs in 2023.

The research shows the 50 million global creators will grow at a 10-20 per cent compound annual growth rate during the next five years. Only about 4 percent of global creators are deemed professionals, meaning they pull in more than $100,000 (Sh13.4 million) a year.

In Kenya, the sector has grown significantly over the past few years, with creators monetising and sharing their work with larger audiences.

DataReportal’s figures show that there were 13.05 million active social media user identities in Kenya in January 2024. About 57.5 percent of the country’s internet user base, regardless of age, used at least one social media platform at the start of the year.

Memes, videos, vlogs, livestreams, blogs, courses, photos, comics, games, infographics and apps are examples of content that have become popular as content making continue to become a sought-after profession in the country.

Creators earn income primarily through direct branding deals to pitch products as an influencer via a share of advertising revenues with the host platform and through subscriptions, donations and other forms of direct payment from followers. Brand deals are the main source of revenue at about 70 percent, according to the Goldman Sachs survey data.

It is no wonder that in today’s world of constant social connectivity, getting attention online has become one of the more effective ways to make a living.

As part of the celebrations to mark the International Creators Day, the Kenya Social Media Awards in partnership with Safaricom, Meta and the University of Nairobi has organised a series of events at the University of Nairobi to give not only creators but also brands and industry service providers a platform to meet and interact.

The celebrations, whose theme is content monetisation and career opportunities for the youth, brings together the creator ecosystem to showcase latest production equipment’s and technology that enable content creation, distribution and management.

The event will include an exhibition where industry enablers will showcase latest innovations, equipment’s and new tools for creators. There will be also a Creators Studio where people will walk in and create content instantly.

This celebration creates endless possibilities for established and upcoming content creators. Young people can monetise their content and at the same time become valuable talent with skills that are relevant in the modern workplace.

The goal of celebrating this day is to inspire people to stop and think about the difference that content creators, both large and small, have made in their lives. The world can change thanks to creators. These talented creative for long have offered comfort and a sense of community and belonging, which helps individuals get through difficult times like the Covic-19 pandemic.

-Mr Muli is the International Creators Day Coordinator in Kenya