Devolution is safe under my administration, says Ruto

President William Ruto. [PCU]

President William Ruto has reaffirmed his commitment to devolution, saying his administration will not interfere with the functions of the county governments.

Ruto was speaking in Naivasha on Tuesday, February 20 at Lake Naivasha Resort where he met the Cabinet and MPs and Senate, who have converged to take stock of the government’s performance and progress.

“We support devolution 100 per cent. You should never doubt our support for devolution,” Ruto said.

He dismissed claims that the Kenya Kwanza government was undermining devolution by taking over some of the roles that belong to the counties.

He cited the case of the Community Health Promoters, who are paid and supervised by the national government, despite being part of the county health systems.

Some governors have expressed their dissatisfaction with this arrangement, saying it deprives them of funds and autonomy.

Ruto, however, said his government was not discriminating against any county, and that devolution was a key pillar of the country’s development.

He said devolution was a creation of the people of Kenya, who wanted a government that was closer and more responsive to their needs.

He urged the governors to work with his administration to deliver services to the people and foster national unity.