Used cooking oils: a waste to be collected properly

Used Cooking Oils (UCO) are not just a waste: as they are collected properly, they can have a second chance and be transformed into biofuels, a different kind of fuel that can power vehicles, airplanes and naval fleets.

Biofuels feedstock is composed mainly by waste and residues such as the UCO: their collection and rework are an amazing example of the so-called ‘circular economy’.

A supply chain for UCO collection has been set up and is being developed by Eni Kenya in cooperation with the HORECA industry (hotels, restaurants, catering), food processing companies and food delivery platforms.

All these players can correctly dispose their cooking oils and receive an income for the waste they make available. This collection that prevents the used cooking oils dispersal in the environment and their improper reuse.

Eni Kenya is among the operators licensed by the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) to collect UCO and adheres to the ISCC-EU sustainability certification scheme to provide clear traceability of the collected product.

Further information online (English and Swahili).