Calls for freedom of institutions rules Democratic Day

From 2nd left Regional Manager, East and Southern Africa ,ForumCiv Jackson Obare, Lady Justice Fatuma Sichale and HAKI Africa  Executive Director Hussein Khalid and guests and youth representatives follow proceedings  at the International Day of Democracy 2023 on 15th September 2023 [David Gichuru, Sandard]

There is a need to strengthen the independence of various institutions so as to sustain democratic freedoms not only locally but in the globe.

The message was echoed by various speakers during the International Day of Democracy marked in Nairobi.

Martha Koome in her statement noted that the prevalent form of democratic deterioration in the continent involves undermining functioning of autonomous institutions.

She stated that this expresses itself through attacks on the functioning of separation of powers.

“It often involves attempts to control the legislature, judiciary, independent constitution commissions and some national or federal units of government,’’ Koome stated.

The CJ’s speech was presented by Court of Appeal Judge, Lady Justice Fatuma Sichale.

‘‘Even as we discuss democracy, we must always link with social justice and advocate that our government should implement and comply with the constitution guarantees to social economic entitlement,’’ the CJ stated.

Pointing out, ‘The only way through which governments can convince its people that democracy is the best form of governance, is to give material evidence to them,’’

Programme Manager, Sweden Embassy Hanna Carlsson regretted that actions by some leaders have forced youth to lose hope in life by failing to fulfil promises made to them in campaign.

‘‘Governments need to give youth a supportive mechanism to ensure they are able to come out strongly to stand for what they want to be,’’ she said.

On his part, Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid revealed that despite the democratic gains, youth feel short changed by politicians urging leaders to consider passing the baton to the younger generation.

‘‘The day comes at a time when democracy has been moving backwards in the past couple of months. Kenyans have been short changed by politicians after being voted,’’ Khalid said.