Kitui Wiper MCAs oust majority leader and whip

The ousted Kitui County Assembly Wiper Party majority leader and Migwani Ward MCA Harrison Maluki and majority whip and Kanyangi Ward MCA Boniface Katula. [Philip Muasya, Standard]

Wiper MCAs at Kitui County Assembly have voted to remove the party's majority leader and majority whip amid accusations of insubordination and disrespect to the party.

In the changes made by the MCAs during a special meeting Migwani MCA Harrison Maluki was ousted as majority leader and his place taken by Kyuso ward MCA Munyoki Mwinzi.

Similarly, Kanyangi MCA Boniface Katula was removed as majority whip where the Wiper members elected Kitui Township MCA Daniel Ngoima to take up his position.

The changes have been communicated to the clerk and speaker of the Assembly as well as the party's secretariat.

Ngoima, the current majority whip said that the removal of the two members from the party's leadership was done in the best interest of the party.

He said majority Wiper members felt that the two were taking the party on a wrong path and had abdicated their duties and joined the minority side (Narc) in the assembly.

"The changes have been done in good faith and to restore the respect and dignity of the party. It is true that the ousted members had joined the opposition side and were no longer useful to the party in their positions," Ngoima said.

The MCA said that in his capacity as majority whip, he had written to the clerk and the speaker directing them to take note of the changes and cease all benefits that were accorded to the ousted leaders in their former party positions.

"We request you to update your records and cease all office benefits to the former office bearers and commence the same benefits to the new office holders.

Be advised that any continued benefits of emoluments to the former office holders will be at your own peril," Ngoima's terse letter addressed to the speaker of the assembly Kelvin Kinengo reads in part. The letter was received by the clerk on Wednesday.

Meanwhile the ousted members vowed to fight within the party's mechanism to remain in their positions.

"We are still in office as majority leader and majority whip. Ignore the reports from a few members," Maluki, the ousted majority leader posted yesterday in social media even as the ousted whip dismissed the move as a witch hunt.

The Wiper secretary general Shakila Abdalla has called for a meeting of all Kitui elected and nominated Wiper MCAs today (Friday) at the party's headquarters in Nairobi where the party is expected to give its directions on the matter.