Why Kenya needs more graft spirits exorcists in the mould of Health CS

Health CS Susan Nakhumicha during the inauguration ceremony of the new KEMSA board on May 18, 2023. [David Gichuru, Standard]

This institution must be clean. We are going to uproot all the roots, all the evils spirits that have been planted in this institution, nitazing'oa (I will uproot them)." This is the promise of Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha Wafula (pictured on the right), of the Ministry of Health, following yet another scandal at Kemsa.

She has publicly positioned herself as a corruption exorcist. How Kenya needs an army of Wafulalikes! At a time when pastors are defamed as dispatchers of evil, deliverance is coming from another side. A Ministry of Health that is sick will kill its dependants, and the morgue becomes its main ward. People are discharged - dead. That's why the CS is dead mad. Demons beware!

Satan chuckles, cranes his neck and lets out a mocking laugh, Goliath style; "What did you say? Who are you?" But CS Wafula is not attacking the situation with only a 10-year strategic plan or a vision 2050. She is using a multi-faceted approach that acknowledges the warfare as not only canal but spiritual, too. It follows then that our weapons should not be only of this world. They must be mighty through God. She of the Esther spirit swears she will do "whatever it takes," to which queen Esther added, "if I die I die."

Bishop Dr David Oginde has just taken up his anti-corruption assignment and, as if to tell what it will take, the devil-daring CS Wafula surfaces. She is the kind of spirit Dr Oginde needs to turn Kenya from an anti-corruption malady to a pro-integrity reality. He needs more Wafulalikes - corruption exorcists - who leave integrity in their wake. The injurious "it-is-our-time-to-eat" mindset is borne of darkness. We need an army of light that emerges to shape systems and communities in the direction of "enough-is-enough!"

The time of "I would rather die than resign" must be replaced by "I would rather resign than oversee people dying." Patriotism should reflect first in ridding the air of corruption particles and then we can build houses for people to live in. A corruption-polluted country is inhabitable because it poisons dreams and possibilities.

There is a kind of evil that cannot be removed "apart from prayer and fasting." Such defies regular catharsis. This defiant type is the Kemsa variant. They say that the worst of demons is that which returns after a previous exorcism. They are seven times stronger. CS Wafula has the right spirit - but needs a long-haul mind. She and her hand-lifters must be ready for a long tiring exorcism. And if every election is a cleansing time, then the Kenyan is a legion state. Mere talk does not even distract evil from feeding.

Some stronghold demons will not depart without a fight. You win or lose based on the authenticity of your confrontation. Corruption busters should not be the "wanna-be" type. If you approach Kemsaic demons hypocritically, they will terrorise you! The sons of Sceva staged an exorcism that backfired on them as demons fought back, exposing them as unranked in the realms of spiritual power, "Paul we know... but who are you?" What followed was a bad story. Unlike the law in Physics that an action produces an opposite and equal reaction, exorcism needs an upset - one force does not match but must outmatch the other. Trembling demons tell of the presence of a higher power. The Kenya situation is beyond just avoiding evil. It is about confronting it. It is not about distancing oneself but facing the powers with an apt life that spells, "Get behind me Satan!"

Kemsa demands the kind of power that provokes demons to flight as they ask, "What have you to do with us?" Demons want the very thing they steal from others - peace. But peace-breakers and death-causers cannot be left in peace. They must be troubled, stirred and cast out. When the exorcist comes calling, demons must have it for the record that it is personal! You cannot rob God's people and poke the apple of God's eye!

A roaming question rings: How does such a worshipful country become so demon-infested? Kenya has a defective spirituality that is up for sale - even open to handshakes with entities of darkness. The harlotries make self-proclaimed church stalwarts decoys - spiritual alloys. John the Revelator states clearly that luke warmness is unacceptable. Grow up and take your position - hot or cold! If you are tepid, you are not mouth-worthy! You are for spitting and firing.

Who bewitched us? No blame game here. It is a literal case of, "Physician heal thyself!" Like a prodigal country, we indulge in greed only to run scaringly broke. We got ourselves into the mess and we must come to our senses. Some leaders spend time describing graphically how demons of yesteryears cast Kenya into a seizure of "empty coffers." But CS Wafula has chosen a more excellent way and waded away from shallow waters of description to the deeper waters of action.

As Wafulalikes - contemporary Esthers - map and clean up corruption infested areas, they must ask themselves a critical question: who sent these demons here? This search will arrive at exclusive clubs where the big "fish" hang out and the bunkers where they hide. Corruption busters are bunker detonators. The greater the demonic drama, the closer the freedom of the possessed. We should not fear the red-wires, we should look for them! The death machine must encounter the resurrecting force. An empty grave is not just a sign of rising but a story of a battle won!

One last thing. Upon expelling the demons, CS Wafula, please be careful where you send them. Some were sent to pigs and the pigs drowned. But wait a minute - this was a fishing community! The pigs became food for fish and some in the community wondered how they would make so huge a catch that their nets were bursting and had to call in reinforcement boats.

Drive the culprits into prison and while there, their minds can be aligned back into good use. Well, a good thing, surprisingly, did come from Nazareth! The spirit of the Nazarene is the antidote for any evil spirit - Kemsaic and others. The Nazarene still specialises in making good things emerge from desolate, deserted - even demonised places.