Revealed: Salaries and perks that Ruto's CASs will enjoy

President William Ruto with CAS nominee for Investments, Trade and Industry Evans Kidero. [Twitter: @StateHouseKenya]

President William Ruto on Thursday appointed 50 persons to the position of Chief Administrative Secretary.

The nominees, if approved by parliament, will serve in the Executive, and will cost taxpayers Sh460 million yearly in gross salaries.

The monthly remuneration for state officers in the executive of the national government are stipulated in a schedule by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC).

According to the schedule signed by SRC Chairperson Lyn Mengich on 9th August 2022, Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS) are in the same category as Principal Secretaries (PS).

Breakdown of remuneration for CASs

Total monthly gross salary: Sh765,188

Basic salary: Sh459,113

House allowance: Sh150,000

Commuter allowance: Official

Salary market adjustment: Sh156,075

According to SRC, Salary Market Adjustment is a salary modification that takes into account market positioning, and constitutional and statutory principles on review of remuneration and benefits.

Benefits for state officers

SRC has also stipulated benefits for state officers in the executive office of the national government. CASs fall in this category.

Transport: Other State officers in the Executive of the National Government: Shall be provided with an official car of engine capacity not exceeding 3000cc.

Medical Benefit: An annual medical cover shall be provided to the State officer, one spouse and up to four children below the age of twenty-five years fully dependent on the State officer, as follows:

Inpatient: Sh10 million

Outpatient: Sh300,000

Maternity: Sh150,000

Dental: Sh75,000

Optical: Sh75,000

Retirement benefits

Upon retirement, the CASs shall continue to enjoy benefits from the state. There are two types of retirement benefits for state officers, pension and gratuity.

"A State officer, serving or appointed on permanent and pensionable terms, shall be eligible to pension benefit in line with existing laws. A State officer, serving or appointed for a fixed term of office, shall be paid a service gratuity at the rate of 31 per cent of the annual pensionable emoluments for the term served," said Mengich.

Group Life Insurance: A State officer shall be covered for a value equivalent to three times of the annual pensionable emoluments.

Group Personal Accident: A State officer shall be covered for a value equivalent to three times of the annual pensionable emoluments.

They shall also be eligible to a car loan of up to Sh8 million and mortgage of up to Sh35 million

Other benefits

Daily Subsistence Allowance for local and foreign travels shall be paid to state officers in the executive of the national government, as per the rates reviewed and set by SRC from time to time.

Airtime shall be paid up to a maximum of Sh20,000 per month.

Security shall be provided as advised by the Inspector-General of Police and shall not be commuted to cash.

Annual Leave Allowance shall be paid at the rate of Sh50,000 per annum and leave days shall not be commuted to cash.

Special Responsibility Allowance shall be paid to designated offices as set by SRC from time to time.

President William Ruto has borrowed leaf from his predecessor. The CAS position was introduced by President Uhuru Kenyatta five years ago.

At the time, President Uhuru said the CAS position will further enhance the operations of Cabinet Secretaries in running various ministries.

His statement also appeared to have indicated that the CAS will be second in command in the ministries as they will be coordinating work by state departments headed by Principal Secretaries.

Uhuru's 26 CASs received Sh238.7m. Other benefits are Sh10m car grant, Sh35m mortgage.