AK-47 rifle recovered, suspect arrested in Marsabit raid

Items recovered from a suspected armed robber in Marsabit. [Twitter - DCI]

A suspected armed robber has been arrested and an AK-47 rifle with 30 rounds of ammunition was recovered in a raid conducted by police in Jaldesa area, Marsabit County.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the suspect is alleged to have used the rifle in a robbery with violence incident in Marsabit town late last month.

“The assault rifle with a magazine of 30 rounds of ammunition has been recovered and the suspect arrested following a raid in Badassa village within Jaldesa location and arrested one Gayo Jattani aged 20,” DCI said via Twitter on Tuesday, March 14.

The suspect led the officers to a bush inside Marsabit National Park where the firearm was recovered. Among other things found hidden in the park include a police jungle shirt, jungle belt and cleaning kit.

The suspect is being held at Marsabit police station awaiting arraignment.