Baba's back to Kibra in hunt for votes not cast

Azimio la Umoja Leader Raila Odinga in Jakaranda Grounds Nairobi.

Raila Odinga aka Baba is away in West Africa and he promises to return this weekend, as we say in mtaa lingo, kwa fujo. He will return to his old haunts of Kibra, where he last appeared with hordes of youths in his trail, last August, as he went to cast a ballot in the presidential poll that he now disputes.

There is no way of knowing if the youths in question actually cast their own ballots and if they voted for Baba, but the dismal turnout at Old Kibra Primary School, at 56 per cent, does not tell a compelling story of their desire to install Baba as Prezzo.

But that's not my problem; if they want to protest the outcome of a process that they did not participate in they have the protection of the law to do that. After all, even Prezzo Bill Ruto has been pushing for a "strong" opposition to keep his government in check.

Perhaps he did not anticipate the sort of strength that Baba has galvanised, or even the tenor of his demands. He has repeatedly disowned the Kenya Kwanza administration as illegal and urged his supporters not to pay tax. He also asked his supporters to boycott products from firms owned by the Ruto administration.

I think it's not too late for Prezzo Ruto to tell Baba that the sort of opposition he had in mind shouldn't be intended to cripple his government or seek his removal. It should keep the government in check. And that his overtures to elected opposition leaders wasn't meant to cripple the opposition, but to keep it in check.