Educate voters on why they should take part in elections

It is unfortunate that some registered voters did not turn up to vote on August 9.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission reported that about 12,065,803 of the more than 22 million registered voters cast their votes.

These low numbers demonstrate that Kenyans are yet to appreciate the importance of participating in elections.

It is through such oversight that undeserving leaders sneak into positions of influence. Something needs to be done to ensure we record 100 per cent participation in elections to get good leaders.

We must develop and disseminate comprehensive programmes of voter and civic education, starting well before each election and continuing throughout the election process, and ensure that the materials used is accurate and politically neutral.

The body in charge of elections should cooperate with the government of the day and initiate special voter and civic education programmes for target groups, including women, minorities, displaced persons, youth and others who may be less likely to vote, as well as programmes on women’s participation aimed at men to ensure that a good turnout is arrived at.

Letter from Samwel Obegi, Rongo