Why come after you when am exiting? President Uhuru Kenyatta responds to political insults

President Uhuru Kenyatta. [Samson Wire, Standard]

President Uhuru Kenyatta has condemned angry traits portrayed by some political leaders, which has resulted in the hurling of insults, and bitter exchanges marred by unprintable words. He says he cannot go after leaders opposing him when he is preparing to exit the office.

The president was speaking at Mihang'o, Embakasi East Constituency, where he was commissioning the dualing project of the city's Eastern Bypass.

He officially opened the 27.8 km Nairobi Eastern Bypass Road which was expanded from a single 2-lane road to a dual 4-lane carriageway at a cost of Sh12.5 billion.

While commissioning the road, the president urged Kenyans to maintain peace before, during and after next week's polls. He has also reiterated that every Kenyan including himself has the freedom of supporting the candidate of their choice.

"Everyone in this country [including myself] is free to support the candidate of their choice. In the end, it is the voters' choice. There is no need to insult others,"

"If I respond to the lies you are telling Kenyans, don't spin it around and lie that I want to kill you. You have been insulting me for three years and I have kept quiet. I had the power. Why would I come after you when I am on my way out?" President Uhuru responded.

Without mentioning names, the outgoing Head of State urged Kenyans to elect a leader who is not angry as his preferred successor in the August 9 polls.

"Some of these people are very angry. Why are you angry? Anytime they open their mouths, what comes out is insults. I would like to urge all of you [Kenyans] to vote for a leader who can manage their anger in the next polls," President Uhuru said.

In his address to Embakasi East residents, the President drummed up support for his handshake partner's presidential bid.

"If you know what is right for Kenya, vote for Raila Odinga and Martha Karua, they have your interests at heart," Uhuru added.

In a hinted response to Mathira MP and UDA running mate, Rigathi Gachagua's Saturday remarks, Uhuru said that he had no plans of 'assassinating anyone as he was on his way out'

"Why would I plot to kill anyone at a time when I am on my way out? That is the least of my worries," Uhuru claimed.

The president's remarks came hours after UDA running mate Rigathi Gachagua, while campaigning in Nyeri, claimed that he [Uhuru] had threatened him.

"In the next eight days, come to Sagana and pack your belongings and go home. You [president] called elders meeting and said I will know you are the president,"

"I helped you for 20 years. I got you from the bar and now you are threatening me. Please, don't kill us like your dad [Mzee Jomo Kenyatta] killed JM Kariuki. If you so wish, then kill us this week," Gachagua alleged.

In the past few days, the president and his deputy who were once political allies, have been trading guns with each other.

The two have given credence to the adage that there are no permanent enemies or friends in politics if secession politics in the country is anything to go by.

Deputy President William Ruto and his allies protested and started attacking Uhuru openly when he decided to throw his weight behind the Azimio presidential candidate and abandon his former political ally and deputy.

The political marriage between the two ended shortly after their re-election in 2017, when President Uhuru Kenyatta had a public handshake with his main rival in the 2017 elections.

The handshake did not sit well with DP Ruto and his allies who have on many occasions alleged that the president was bewitched to influence his political affiliation.

Feeling disappointed, DP Ruto went on a protest and led a splinter group which formed the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party, and focused on his 2022 presidential bid.