Embu Assembly Whip removed for calling male colleagues uncircumcised

Embu Assembly Majority Whip was this week dewhipped for allegedly calling her male colleagues uncircumcised.

The angry MCAs removed Judy Mbuya (pictured) from the Majority Chief Whip position for insulting  and threatening her male colleagues.

In a letter by Majority Leader Michael Njeru to Jubilee Caucus Chairman, Evurore MCA Duncan Mbui, Mbuya was also accused of regularly hurling insults on MCAs on social media platforms.

The nominated MCA was further accused of misleading the Jubilee Party national leadership and failing to lobby her counterparts to support County government business in the Assembly.

She was replaced by Kyeni South MCA Salesio Kimaru after an election by County Assembly Jubilee Caucus members.

At the same time, Deputy Majority Leader Murithi Kiura was stripped from his position for his alleged ineffectiveness in handling the welfare issues of his fellow MCAs in the Jubilee Party.

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MCAs further accused him of being arrogant towards his colleagues and lacking interest in supporting legislative proposals forwarded to the County Assembly by the County Executive and the Assembly leadership.

He is also accused of colluding with Mbuya in attempts to oust Njeru, from his Majority Leader position as well as trying to scrap the position of County Assembly Jubilee Caucus Chairmanship.

Both attempts were, however, unsuccessful. Kiura was replaced by Mwea MCA Harrison Mwaluko as Deputy Majority Leader.

A total of 15 Jubilee MCAs voted in support of dethroning the two and electing the new members. Three attendees of the meeting absconded the vote while five others failed to attend without apologies.

 “The decision to call a meeting of Jubilee MCAs was occasioned by underhand dealings to destabilise the party leadership within the Assembly. The party is not interested in endless court battles that will end up wasting time meant for legislation,” said Njeru, the Majority Leader, after the meeting.

Mbui, the Jubilee Caucus Chairman reiterated the commitment of the Jubilee Caucus to discipline errant MCAs and ensure the smooth operations of the party within the county.

Nominated MCA Margaret Lorna Kariuki urged the Jubilee officials from the Party Headquarters to consider visiting the County Assembly to address the ongoing wrangles.

She said the current changes in the party leadership structure at the County Assembly should remain intact unless the Jubilee Headquarters intervenes.

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