30 Ethiopian children benefit from lifesaving operations

Save a Child’s Heart mission is in Ethiopia to conduct life-saving heart operations and cardiac catheterization for 30 children

Since their arrival in Addis Ababa, the team has been working round the clock, screening and diagnosing children, and following up on past cases. On Sunday, November 17, nearly 40 children were screened at the Ethiopian capital’s cardiology clinic.  

The open-heart surgeries and catheterizations being carried out daily are free and made possible through a partnership between Israel’s Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) and the Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia.

“SACH seeks to mend the hearts of children around the world without regard to race, religion, gender or nationality,” said Simon Fisher, Executive Director of Save a Child’s Heart. 

“With Mission Ethiopia, we have put in place the critically needed resources to provide high-level pediatric cardiac care, including a state-of-the-art operating room, cath lab, and cardiology clinic along with an amazing pediatric ICU team working together to perform medical procedures and diagnosis on children in need,” he added.

Global healthcare company, Abbott, has partnered with SACH on the Little Heroes campaign to treat defects in the hearts of babies and children, providing funding and medical devices to aid in procedures during this mission.

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Save a Child’s Heart