US Embassy in Kenya not accepting new generation currency

Kenyans applying for the United States Visas will have to use old generation notes after a directive by the US Embassy in Kenya barred the use of new currency notes.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the US Embassy in Kenya said that it is still developing procedures to accept the new Kenyan shillings and advised the visa applicants that they are allowed to continue paying with a credit card.

“The Embassy of the United States is currently developing procedures to accept the new Kenyan shillings.  Until these procedures are in place, consular applicants will only be able to pay for services using the previous Kenyan shillings,” read part of the statement.

The new generation bank notes were launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta during the 56th Madaraka Day celebrations in Narok on June 1, 2019.

The new currency notes are in Sh50, Sh100, Sh200, Sh500 and Sh1000 denominations.

During the launch Central Bank of Kenya Governor Prof Patrick Njoroge said that the Sh50, Sh100, Sh200 and Sh500 notes will be phased out slowly but the Sh1,000 note will be phased by October.

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“All the Sh1000 notes were withdrawn by a gazette notice on Friday. Those in possession have until October 31, 2019 to release them,” said Njoroge.

According to the CBK Governor, the immediate phase out of the Sh1000 note was to help the Government in dealing with cases of counterfeits, which has impacted the economy negatively.

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