Kirinyaga man arrested after posing with gun on Facebook

Kirinyaga man arrested after posing with gun on Facebook.
A Kirinyaga man has been arrested after he posted photos of himself holding a gun on Facebook.

However, police did not find the firearm when they pounced on the man at his home in Umbui village in Gichugu Constituency.

According to Gichugu police boss Anthony Mbogo, the man is suspected to be behind a series of violent robberies in Kirinyaga County.  

Police have described the suspect as a dangerous criminal saying the gun he was pictured with is normally used by the police and not ordinary citizens.

The suspect was booked at Kianyaga police station and will be held in the cell for 10 days after police sought the orders from the court pending investigations.

“We need time to know how he obtained the powerful gun and where the gun is,” said the police, adding that they will question him further.

Early this year, a man whose picture circulated on social media at a garbage site with a gun in Nairobi’s Pipeline estate was arrested.

The 'garbage collector' who was arrested with a gun.
According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the ‘garbage collector’ was seized after the matter was brought to their attention by Kenyans on Twitter (KOT).

“A man who was photographed armed & the matter brought to our attention has been arrested & will be charged accordingly.”

“We thank #KOT for bringing this matter to our attention & for additional information that we received through DMS. Let’s work together to keep our country safe,” DCI wrote on Twitter.

The DCI’s post however did not reveal the man’s identity or what he was to be charged with.

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