Police release faces of most wanted terror suspects

Police release faces of wanted terror suspects, seek public help.
Do you know the people whose faces appear here?

Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai is seeking help from members of the public to identify three wanted terror suspects.

“We wish to inform that the suspects could be armed and dangerous and may cause harm to the public,” a statement from National Police Service read.

Police have also urged their family members and relatives to come forward with information on their whereabouts.

“We urge those who suspect that their relatives or acquaintances could have joined Jihadi groups, are planning to travel to Jihadi theaters or have returned from countries known to harbor jihadists to immediately report at the nearest police station.”

According to Police, the following countries stand suspect to Jihadists activities among them Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria.

One risks a three-year-jail term over failure to report an offence.

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Members of the public can report suspicious activities to police via these free toll numbers: 999, 911 or 112.

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