If you don’t shower attention on your wife, another man will...

It is 9 am and I am running late to a meeting at work. I am in my white dress, the one I reach for whenever I need a confidence boost. I have been feeling a little under the weather lately. Last evening I had spied some texts on Steve’s phone that had set my stomach on fire. And my heart hurts somewhat.  We had then had a huge fight with him swearing it was nothing and me wanting to throw him out immediately. The fight had ended on a stalemate, but I wasn’t going to stress so much over it, after all, divorce is really never out of  the question. Yes, divorce. It isn’t such a taboo anymore. I love Steve, I really do. But I have just never been the kind of girl to get possessive or insecure. Yes he is my husband now and it isn’t as easy a breakup as with a boyfriend but if by God he doesn’t stop flirting with girls, something he says is harmless,  he will find his belongings packed outside the door one day very soon. Thank God we will have no child custody issues, maybe a quarrel over who gets to keep the beloved PlayStation and stack of games.

Anyway, I am now getting into the office building and guess who I see as soon as I walk into the door? Fred of course. I am really not in the mood for his cheesy antics and I quickly sidestep his open arms reaching for the often lingering hug. He does this thing where he squashes my chest against his muscular torso. And I hate it. I smile politely and head to my desk.

“You look sexy.”

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Want to go grab a coffee at 4? Or lunch?

I look at the texts, and it is Fred. He always texts me as soon as I get to the office. Sometimes I wonder if he texts his wife as much as he texts me, and he is so persistent, despite the fact that he knows that I am very married and  I ignore his texts. Anyway, he is good for my ego. As much as nothing would ever happen between us, he makes me feel attractive. Something that Steve hasn’t been doing lately.

I switch on my computer and start getting ready for my meeting. I am lucky that it has been pushed to 11 am. That gives me time to get some work done. Just as I settle in, Mark the IT guy comes over and pulls a chair next to me. He is holding a cup of tea and sipping it quite noisily.

“So, where are you from Sasha.”

“What do you mean?” 

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“You have the type of ass common in girls from my community,” he says, sliding his eyes to my bottom.

“You could move to Uganda and join the girls there as a tourist attraction.

At that point, I am gob smacked. This man, this khaki wearing man, thinks that he is paying me a compliment. And I am supposed to keel over swooning over his words.

“Move over Mark, I am terribly busy. Oh and Jackie was looking for you, something to do with a system fail.

I hope this will get him to leave me a while. And just then, I realise that if I was a single girl out here, my options would be pathetic. That my Steve is really the one for him. And since I had said some scathing words to him in the morning, I decide to check up on him. He picks up on the first ring.

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“Babe?” he says anxiously. “I am really sorry. Can I buy you dinner tonight we talk about it?

Maybe we can resolve this thing, because if not, I am moving to Siberia and signing up for celibacy.

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