How new Kenya police uniform was arrived at

Police march in their new uniform during the launch at the Kenya School of Government in Nairobi on September 13, 2018. [Cyrus Ombati/Standard]

A team of security officials met at least seven times to decide the new color to be adopted for police uniforms.

The team consists of majorly officials from security agencies and is chaired by the Vice Chief of Defence Forces (VCDF) of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

Outgoing VCDF Lt Gen. Joseph Kasaon chaired meetings during which a team of the body that decides on the uniforms to be worn by security agencies in the country made their contributions and decisions.

The team known as Uniform Committee arrived at the deep blue color as the one to be adopted as working uniform by the General Duty personnel.

The other members include a representative from National Police Service, Kenya Prisons Service, Kenya Forest Service, Kenya Wildlife Service and National Youth Service.

“The Uniform Committee arrived at the new outfit after comparing what other regional and local security agencies wear as their uniform. It was not a one off decision. Much was considered and it will take at least two years to change,” said a senior officer who explained how and why the new outfit was adopted.

The official added the team compared and checked on many other colors and established they had been adopted for use by other security agencies in the region.

The process to get a new uniform started in March 2018 when President Kenyatta was briefed on proposed changes and gave a green light on the same ahead of a planned launch.

The Uniform Committee held several sessions before arriving at the new color.

Since the president launched the new uniform among other key structural changes on September 13, many Kenyans seem to be stunned by the color.

A member of the team said given the Administration Police is joining the Kenya Police Service it was prudent for them to be adorned with a new uniform.

Police also use jungle, green, khaki and navy blue uniforms.

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has told commanders to be ready for the changes anytime within a month.

The new structure will see 24,572 APs join Kenya Police to form a General Duty Police under the command of the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of police to form a 65,000 strong team.

The changes to take effect immediately and be rolled out in the next three years will see the Kenya Police focus on public security and safety, AP focus on protective and border security and Directorate of Criminal Investigations on criminal investigations.

The President said this is aimed at eliminating overlap and duplicate functions.