KNCHR warns against cutting police pay

KNCHR has condemned the National Police Service for reducing the salaries of graduate and disabled officers. [Photo: Courtesy]

The National Police Service Commission has suspended the planned slashing of officers' salaries.

More than 1,400 junior officers who were to be affected by the deductions will now get their March salaries as usual.

Chairman Johnston Kavuludi said they arrived at the decision to let the officers continue earning their pay as they consult on the matter.

“In the meantime, following consultations with the Ministry of Interior and the Inspector General it has been decided that in order that officers meet their pre-arranged financial commitments, measures be taken for their salaries be reflected in the March 2018 payroll,” said Kavuludi.

He added that the commission had found irregularities where some officers were earning salaries as graduate constables without approval.

Kavuludi said an audit was being conducted to remove those who do not deserve the pay.

Monday, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) said the action would deal a blow to police reforms and urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to urgently suspend the implementation of the pay cuts until further deliberations.

“This is a decision that portends far-reaching and negative consequences to the country, bearing in mind these same officers are the custodians of our national security,” said the KNCHR chairperson, Kagwiria Mbogori.

Mbogori also warned that slashing the pay would violate officers’ economic and social rights. The pay cuts mostly affect graduate police officers.