School heads in a spot over textbooks

Head teachers have once again been taken to task over purchase of textbooks as it emerged money for coursebooks had been wired to schools.

It emerged yesterday that some primary and secondary school heads had not procured books yet the Government sent the cash to the schools early this term.

Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development Chief Executive Jwan Julius told MPs yesterday that the Government's direct delivery of books to schools only took a small fraction of the money set aside per child towards purchase of textbooks.

“For secondary schools, the monies allocated per child is Sh4,800 strictly to buy books. The Government only took Sh1,600 to experiment direct delivery of books to schools,” said Jwan.

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This means that the Government has sent some Sh3,200 per child towards purchase of books.

Jwan was speaking in Parliament yesterday when he appeared before the National Assembly Education Committee.

Committee chairperson Julius Melly had sought to know why the outcry on books supply had been loud yet resources had been allocated.

Under the free primary education, each pupil receives Sh761 per year towards purchase of books.

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