Seven suspected thugs shot dead at Kibunja area in Molo (Photos)

The suspects are said to be highway robbers who were planning to carjack two lorries. 
Seven suspected thugs were shot dead by police at Kibunja area in Molo, Nakuru County on Wednesday morning.

Police say they had trailed the suspects from Kayole. 
Area OCPD Daniel Kamanza said the armed men had travelled from Nairobi with intent to commit a crime along Nakuru-Eldoret Highway.

The area OCPD Kamanza assured Kenyans that fight against crime around the area had intensified.
The suspects are said to have been planning to carjack two trucks transporting sugar from Nairobi to Eldoret.

The three suspects who managed to escape unhurt during the dramatic shoot-out
The gangsters who were waylaid as they drove in two vehicles; a Toyota Fielder and Toyota Prado, are believed to have been using the vehicles in carrying out their criminal activities. 

One of the cars that were being used by the robbers[Courtesy]

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 Three other suspects managed to escape and police have launched a manhunt.

[Photo: Standard]
Police have recovered three guns belonging to the gangsters.[Courtesy]