10 foreigners deported over involvement in explicit dance party

Cambodia has deported seven foreigners who were held over pornographic dance party. [Photo: Courtesy]
Cambodia has deported seven out of a group of 10 foreigners who were charged with producing pornography in connection with a party in the tourist town of Siem Reap, a court said on Monday.

The 10 were arrested on Jan. 25, along with 77 other foreigners, in a raid on an event called the “Pub Crawl or Let’s Get Wet” in Siem Reap province, home to the ancient Angkor Wat ruins.

The Siem Reap Provincial Court, which granted bail to the seven last week, had also ordered them to leave Cambodia, Yin Srang, the court’s spokesman said.

“A judge said that they must leave the country, that they must not return, and that they must not gather in a group and party,” he said.

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Cambodia, a conservative Buddhist country, is a popular destination for tourists back-packing through Southeast Asia.

The court charged the 10 foreigners, among them citizens of Britain, the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand and Norway, on Jan. 29 with producing pornography for their roles in organizing the party.

All 10 denied the charges.

Defense lawyer Ouch Sopheaktra said the three remaining foreigners still in detention - from Britain, the Netherlands and Norway, would soon be put on trial.

The seven released on bail and ordered out of the country had all left, Ouch Sopheaktra said, adding that the charges still stood against them in Cambodia.

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The other 77 foreigners arrested were freed after being “educated” over their unacceptable behavior, police said.

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