Four children killed by bomb buried in ground in Mandera

Four children were killed by an explosive device buried in an open field in Eymole location in Mandera County. [Photo: Courtesy]
Four children were over the weekend killed when an explosive device they were playing with exploded at an open field in Banisa, Mandera County.

Two others were seriously injured in the incident. The children died when the landmine that officials said had been abandoned in Eymole location went off as the children played with it.

Mandera governor Ali Roba said the incident was the second one in less than a month and urged authorities to move there and harvest the explosives that seem to be buried on grazing fields.

“We grief with the victims of the families of the 4 children killed by landmine burried during colonial period in Eymole location, Banisa Sub-county. This is the second in less than two months,” he said.

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The children who are said to be aged between 8 and 17 years, were playing at the field while grazing animals when they stumbled on the landmine on Saturday.

They were later buried in the area.

Similar incidents

Saturday’s incident is the second to happen in the same area in less than a month. On December 20 five children were killed in similar circumstances in the said area.

The children, aged between 12 and 17 years were playing with the object oblivious of the danger it posed on their lives.

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North Eastern Regional Commissioner Mohamud Saleh said efforts are being made to mop up the explosives posing danger to the locals.

“We are in consultations with relevant agencies to move there and mop up the explosives that seem to be in plenty there,” said Saleh.

This will also include civic education in the area on the dangers of the explosives.

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