Protests in Marsabit over arrest of Sheikh

Residents have vowed to demonstrate until Sheikh Guyo Gosa is released [Courtesy]

Angry youth yesterday demonstrated in Marsabit town following arrest of influential preacher Sheikh Guyo Gosa by the.

The sheikh was arrested while preaching in town centre yesterday morning. Most of the youth, whom were his madrassa students, followed the sheikh and officers to the police station. But officers later drove them out.

As the youth were driven out of the town, they destroyed property belonging to KCB Bank and stormed into a Catholic church, where they broke windows and chairs. They also beat up and injured the guard at the church. Police officers engaged in running battles with the madrassa students for the better part of the day.

Marsabit OCS Charles Mwangi said one protester was arrested.
The protesters also harassed a journalist who was covering the protests and destroyed his camera.

Residents said demonstration will continue until the sheikh is released.

It was not the first time the sheikh was arrested by anti-terror police. He was first arrested in 2014 while in Mombasa and re arrested early 2015 in Marsabit. Gosa has denied claims that he has links with the Al Shabaab terror group operating from Somalia.