DCI Ndegwa Muhoro wants to kill me over land, says lawyer Ahmedinassir Abdullahi

City lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi.

Nairobi, Kenya: Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi Wednesday sensationally named the Director of Criminal Investigation Ndegwa Muhoro as the man who wants to kill him.

Mr Ahmednassir said his life was in danger for his continuous involvement and strong stand in a dispute on the Tatu City land in Kiambu County valued at more than Sh8 billion.

Ahmednasir is one of the lawyers representing one of the parties in cases lodged in court over the land dispute.

But Mr Muhoro termed the claims as lies and malicious.

Muhoro accused Mr Ahmednasir of maligning his name against a court order he had obtained last April.

He denied the lawyer’s claims that he had instructed a police squad to kill him because of  a multi-billion-shillings land case.

“Not true, why is he making all those allegations when he knows they are lies? Actually, I have a court order restraining him from maligning and defaming me,” said Muhoro.

A day after Ahmednasir made a formal complaint at Kilimani police station claiming his life was in danger and that there was a plot to kill him, he went back again and wrote an eight-page statement narrating how and why the said plot had been hatched.

The lawyer insisted the threats against his life were real and credible and that his source worked under Muhoro.

“The information I have is very credible. My informant was informed by those who participated in the strategy meeting. He has all the information on how my killing was planned and how it was to be executed,” he claimed.

He said he was taking the threats very seriously.

“I am very fearful for my life and I don’t make this as an idle statement. I will hold him responsible for any harm carried out on me or my family,” he said.

Ahmednasir said the threats could not be investigated by Muhoro’s juniors.

The lawyer pleaded with the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet to have the matter investigated by an independent body comprising officers that exclude the DCI.

He claimed his murder was to be executed at the end month of March and he only escaped the plans because he was outside the country.

Ahmednasir said he had been out of the country between March 24 and April 2.

He learnt about the alleged death plot the next day.

“On April 3, a senior officer in the Directorate of Criminal Investigations called me and asked that I meet him very urgently. I met him and what he told me shocked and alarmed me,” he claimed in his statement.

He alleged the officer told him Muhoro had constituted a squad comprising five officers under the command of a senior officer with instructions to execute him.

“He further informed me that one of the officers is called a Mr Kamu; that these five officers are well known within the DCI and are trusted by Muhoro to carry out killings on his behalf,” he claimed in the statement that he shared with the media.

Ahmednassir added his informer told him he was to be killed during the last week of March. He was then in Australia and Dubai.

The informer, according to the statement, said the lawyer had been an obstacle to Muhoro’s plans in the dispute surrounding Tatu City.

“Muhoro was further unhappy with a ruling delivered by the court that stopped an investigation he had ordered relating to my pupilage. In the said ruling the court expressly ruled that Muhoro was acting in bad faith and was malicious in the said investigations,” he said.

He said his problems started when he accused Muhoro of corruption in earlier letters to the Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko.

Ahmednasir said he had informed the DPP of a scheme by Muhoro to help fraudsters in the land saga and ensure they would not be prosecuted.

In one of the letters, the lawyer claimed the DCI had been bribed with Sh50 million and promised 300 acres of the disputed land if the matter was solved.

On Tuesday, the lawyer met Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet to report the death threat.

He was accompanied by lawyers Paul Muite and Ben Mosota.

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