Lecturers told to uphold high moral values

NAIROBI: Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi has asked universities' administration to ensure integrity is upheld by adopting ethical practices for quality education.

Prof Kaimenyi said reports of missing marks, manipulated results and lecturers not attending classes are denting the image of public universities.

He also cited missing transcripts, alteration of marks and teaching using 'outdated' notes as major quality issues in university education.

Kaimenyi said staff welfare must be a priority issue and asked vice chancellors (VCs) to up their game.

"There are some allegations that have been made against universities. I don't know if they are true but all the same they must be looked into," said Kaimenyi during a stakeholders' meeting.

He said his office has been informed that students are not well supervised by lecturers. "I am told they take too long to mark examinations and submit marks. Some lecturers must be pushed to submit marks and I blame this on the administration," he said.

Kaimenyi said his office has also been told that some lecturers award marks even for examinations not done. "I am told some of your staff alter marks and get away with it even when they are detected. Some do this for sexual favours and some get paid for it. Stop these practices," Kaimenyi told VCs last week.

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Kaimenyi said some universities have also been accused of poor invigilation of examinations.

But some of the VCs who attended the meeting blamed students for claiming marks for examinations they never sat.

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