AP who took 15 bullets at Westgate gets award


A brave policeman who was shot 15 time while trying to save thousands of Nairobians has been honoured by the Police Service.

Little known Sergeant Godfrey Moses Emojong was among officers injured during the four-day siege of Westgate Mall by al Shabaab terrorists in September.

Emojong received a medal during an annual ceremony to honour outstanding police officers at a Nairobi hotel on December 19.

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Police said he was among the first policemen to enter the mall minutes after gunmen stormed the shopping centre shooting indiscriminately.

According to a citation for the award Emojong, “tactfully, skillfully, bravely and professionally entered the mall with little regard to his safety where he managed to free hundreds of hostages who had been held captive by the attackers.

 “The officer even after being shot several times (total of 15 bullets) daringly fought the militants who had put up a strong resistance thus managing to rescue many hostages.”

Inspector General David Kimaiyo and his deputy Samuel Arachi said Emojong’s bravery is exceptional.

Other officers who got awards were Sergeant Towfiq Suleiman Baya, the official driver of AP spokesman Masoud Mwinyi who was captured on camera carrying a child with a gun on his shoulder from the mall.

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Another officer corporal Shadrack Makokha got an award for his bravery during an attack by gangsters in Kakamega who chopped off his arm in 2012.

Inspector of Police David Randal, who has served for 24 years in Mandera, Nakuru and as an officer in charge of security of government buildings was also recognised.

He is currently instrumental in managing the AP photograph section and maintenance of their picture archives.

The only female officer in the rural border patrol and who is a signaler Margaret Kilele got an award for being disciplined.

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