Dillish’s ‘father’ narrates events leading to her birth


A man claiming to be the father of Dillish Matthews, the winner for Big Brother Africa, came to the limelight recently after  he declared he was the biological father of the Namibian queen.

 Abdi Galgalo Guyo, a retired army officer told The Counties he met Selma, Dillish’s mother, in 1989 in Namibia when he was on a peacekeeping mission.

 “We had been deployed for a peace keeping mission in Namibia when I met a girl and fell in love with her,” Galgalo said. He said he was 20 and Selma was 18 when they met.

He says after staying in Namibia for a year, he came back and could only communicate with Selma through letters.  “We sent each other letters through my colleagues,” he explained. 

Galgalo, a Borana from Moyale, said he left Namibia when Selma was eight months pregnant. When the peacekeeping mission ended, he says, they never communicated again. Earlier, sources from the Internet indicated that Dillish had denied the allegations, but matters took a turn of events when the ex-soldier communicated with her mother via skype in The Standard Group offices and Galgalo was invited for Dillish’s birthday on September 16.

 Selma, who communicated with Galgalo from the office of the Kenyan Ambassador to Namibia, Peter Gitau, was accompanied by two of Dillish’s uncles.  He expressed joy for the invitation. Selma asked him to bring along photos of his other five children.

 Galgalo confirmed his attendance and promised to give his daughter a Kenyan name during the celebration.

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