Miracle pastor on call

By Joe Ombuor

Nairobi, Kenya: Nairobi is known as the capital of the M-Pesa mobile money revolution, but a 55-year-old pastor has created his own electronic wave.

Unlike most people who use the phone to either call, text or M-Pesa, Pastor John David Matengo uses his for a religious mission – performing miracles.

As a ‘mobile missionary’, Pastor Matengo has prayed and touched the lives of people across the world through the miracles he performs.

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He has supposedly healed the sick with various diseases such as HIV/Aids and hypertension and ailments through a phone call.

He prayed for Tabitha Chege, a Kenyan volunteer worker in Afghanistan, who suffered from a heart ailment and blood pressure complications.

In a few days, Chege was supposedly healed.

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In Kenya, a woman confessed to The Nairobian that she was healed of HIV/Aids through the prayer Pastor Matengo made.

“My husband was on the point of death from HIV complications. He had already infected me. I texted the pastor and he prayed for us. My husband’s health improved and during one visit to the hospital, I tested negative,” she claimed.

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And news of his miracle prayers, have spread across the world such that he has gripped the attention of a nation.

Matengo arrived in Kenya recently from a Caribbean island called Anguilla where he led a Bonnke-like crusade and prayed for its leader.

Anguilla is a small island nation in the Caribbean and Reinhard Bonnke is an evangelist who held huge open air crusades in Kenya in the 80s.

“My journey started on the phone.  Jerry Grant, a resident of Maryland, USA read about me on Facebook. She reached out to me for prayers which I did via the phone,” Pastor Matengo said.

Through Grant, Matengo later met Hellen Hurrigahm, her mother-in-law based in New York who wanted his ‘magic prayers’

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“Incidentally Hurringhan’s sister-in-law, Catherine Rogers was secretary to the Chief Minister (Prime Minister) of Anguilla, a nation beset with economic and youth violence woes,” he says.

“She talked to her boss about me and how through prayers on phone from Kenya, I had helped people including her mother overcome afflictions. The Chief Minister (Hubert Hughes) requested I pray for him and the nation.  He was to proceed to England at the time to present the nation’s budget and was overwhelmed when the budget was accepted,” he told The Nairobian.

Chief Minister Hughes later invited him to Anguilla, which he says was in wake of a vision he had of an island where people needed help.

“I travelled to Anguilla in March for a fortnight’s sojourn. The Chief Minister personally led the nation to my prayer crusades. It was an overwhelming experience,” he said.

Recently when Hughes was involved in a car accident that left him with fractured ribs, he the pastor to pray for him.

He said Hughes has almost fully recovered.

Matengo became a Christian when he was 10 after he was miraculously healed of a mysterious disease.

“I would choke and breathe with difficulty. That continued until a stranger visited our home and healed me. From then on, I gave my life to Christ,” he says.

Matengo, who hails from Kano in Kisumu, set up the Ministry of the Word International in 2007.

Since then, he has used his phone to heal different people across the globe.

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