Duale angered by 'Occupy Parliament' protesters who branded one of the pigs with his name


Nairobi, Kenya:
Leader of Majority Aden Duale is now planning to sue organizers of Tuesday’s anti-MPs protest who symbolically used pigs that feasted on blood at the gate of Parliament buildings.

Duale is irked that the activists branded one of the pigs with his name and that of fellow legislators Jakoyo Midiwo and Mithika Linturi.

The MP, who is also the Garissa Township legislator, is a devout Muslim whose religion forbids the association with pigs or swine that is considered unholy.

“I am planning to sue these fellows who branded me a pig, this is a big issue in my constituency right now,” he said in parliament.

Duale says that although the activists reserve their right to picket, it is unacceptable to tarnish his name as a practicing Muslim by labeling his name on a pig feasting on blood.

“This is an insult and an affront to my religious liberty by associating me with an animal that my religion prohibits,” he said.

On Tuesday, police were forced to use teargas canisters to disperse activists who had organised a demo dubbed ‘Occupy Parliament’ to protest legislators’ pay rise demand.