Nine senior police officers reshuffled

By Cyrus Ombati

KENYA: North Eastern PPO Philip Tuimur is among nine senior police officers who have been moved in new changes announced by the National Police Service Commission.

Tuimur has been replaced by the director of police personnel Charlton Mureithi. Tuimur has been moved to police headquarters, Vigilance House.

North Eastern has been hit by a series of terror incidents in the past months and since Kenyan troops crossed to Somalia to hunt for Al-Shabaab militants.

The Chief Firearms Licensing Officer Mr Levin Mwandi has been named the new PPO for Rift Valley and will replace Mr John M’Mbijiwe who was interdicted.

Nyanza deputy PPO Larry Kyeng has been promoted and named the new police boss for Central province and will replace Mr Francis Munyambu who was moved to Vigilance House.

Deputy Central PPO Zachary Tum has been moved to Nyanza in the same capacity while Mr David Baya is the new Chief Firearms Licensing Officer.

The commission also promoted Anti Stock Theft Unit deputy commandant Solomon Makau to full commandant to take over from Michael Remi Ngugi who was interdicted and named Esau Ochokorodi as OCPD Njoro.

The interdictions were made to pave way for investigations into the saga surrounding Joshua Waiganjo who has been posing as a senior police officer in areas of Rift Valley.

The changes were effected to address rising incidents of insecurity in the affected areas.

The changes are the first ones to be done by the commission after it was inaugurated late last year.

Inspector General of police David Kimaiyo is on Wednesday set to meet the commanders in a meeting in Nairobi to discuss crime and coming elections. Sources say more changes are on the way.