Three arrested over Eastleigh blast

By Cyrus Ombati

Police are holding three suspects in connection with the Eastleigh mini-bus blast that claimed ten lives.

The suspects are believed to have been behind the delivery of the explosion that went off in the bus on Sunday killing ten and injured 40 others.

Police have warned that the suspects’ accomplices are planning worse attacks in Nairobi. Detectives charged with monitoring terror matters say the terrorists plan to attack supermarkets, churches, markets and other social places.

Nairobi Area police boss, Moses Ombati on Thursday said that intelligence reports show the terror gangs are planning to strike on a daily basis with an agenda of dividing Kenyans, killing and maiming.

“We have to exercise caution all the time because the gangs are here and planning attacks even as police also try to tame them,” said Ombati.

The police boss said they arrested more than 80 suspects for rioting following the bombing of the bus on Sunday. The suspects have since been charged before court and released on bond.

Ombati stated the explosion that went off in Eastleigh was an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) that was assembled in a house in Majengo area and delivered to the bus.

He said all those in custody are Kenyans who had been coached and recruited into a terror cell that is out to destroy the country.

Ombati said three main planners and mentors of the Eastleigh attack are at large but police are on their pursuit. He revealed the attackers were using a motorbike on the material day before one of them boarded it and abandoned the explosive inside.

The matatu was headed for Kariobangi and had picked up 25 passengers from Eastleigh when the explosion went off near St Teresas area.

Ombati said investigations have shown the attackers trailed the matatu on the motorbike up to the point where their accomplice alighted and later detonated it using a remote.

“These people assemble the bombs in houses which are known to Kenyans. We urge Kenyans to be cautious and co-operate with the security agencies in efforts to tame the terrorism.”

The Sunday explosion sparked protests in the area with some residents targeting people from Somali community accusing them of harbouring terrorists.

Businesses were affected in the busy larger Eastleigh area for two days as police battled with the gangs which looted and robbed even pedestrians.

Police tight security patrol is expected to resume today whether talks between the elders and the security officers bear fruit or not.