Philanderer loses three teeth as punishment

By Kenan Miruka  

Village elders in Nyamira town plucked off three teeth from a known sex pest.

Trouble for the philandering man started when he was caught in the act in broad daylight.In a bizarre twist of events that left residents of the town baffled, the retired civil servant was caught with his pants down with another man’s wife.

Drama started when word spread in the town that the well known amorous man had just entered a married woman’s house. Unaware that a trap had been laid by residents who were getting tired of his adulterous ways, the man just went ahead with his plans.

Satisfied that their prey had taken the bait, market elders quickly mobilised youths who gathered around the house.

Without hesitation, two energetic youthful men kicked the wooden door open catching the half-naked ‘couple’ by surprise as they lay in bed.

“We shall teach you a lesson today on how to keep your trouser zip intact. Don’t claim you were never warned by elders,” shouted a man as the mob hauled the victim out of the house as he struggled to wear his clothes.

With kicks and blows, the angry residents forced the amorous man to sit on a wooden plank in a room and proceeded to grill him.

“You have two options. We either snap your balls or pluck off three of your teeth!” pronounced an elder in the group.

Thinking the elder was joking, the suspect cast a long glance at his tormentors before protesting that the punishment they were planning to mete on him was too harsh compared to the crime he had committed.

His protests were met with more blows and kicks from the youths. He pleaded for time to make up his mind.

Cringing in pain following the beating, the man touched his private parts then shook his head. At the end he said he would rather lose teeth than his manhood. Then another elder brandished a pair of pliers with which the punishment was to be meted out.

He was restrained by tying his hands and legs as one of them proceeded to pluck off three front teeth from his upper jaw.

“This serves you right. Men are losing sleep over your loose morals and should you persist, the worst may happen,” shouted one of the men as they walked away.