XYZee: Packing no punches

By Caroline Nyanga


Pulse: What do you think of Lexxy’s dreadlocks?

Santos: They look like those of Mau Mau fighters. He could as well pass for one.

P: Between a conman in Nairobi and a thief in Nyeri, what would he easily pass for?

S: A thief in Nyeri. Most of them look like that.

P: What do you think of Nonini’s advice on one of his song that goes: Kaa we ni msanii na umekaa miaka kaa nane bila album funga virago na uende ocha?

S: I would challenge Nonini on this; what if ocha ni Nairobi?

P: How would you rate Lexxy musically out of ten?


P: How would you rate Santos musically out of ten?

A: A seven would do for the songs I have done with him as XYZee — while a three to where he is headed at the moment.

P: If you walked into a room and found Santo’s getting cosy with your girlfriend how would you react?

A: If he had an idea of her being my girlfriend then I would question his friendship, but if not, then I would shift the fury to my girlfriend.

P: Would you ever put on Santos clothes?

A: I have drifted away from the hip -hop look to a more serious but simple look. Because of this, I don’t think I would be comfortable putting on his outfits. Also, the issue of height (considering he is shorter than me) would be an issue since his trousers would reach my knees making me look like mali kwa mali!

P: Do you think Santos can dance to Ohangla?

A: Judging on our past songs like Kwa Nini, I think he would pull some moves but would not last for long.

P: Imagine Santos as a reggae deejay at a club, what would be the fans’ reaction?

A: One thing I have always known about Santos is that he was once a reggae diehard – yaani reggae damu since back in the day. I believe he would strive hard to pull a crowd to avoid being fired by the club manager.

P: Who among you is popular with chips funga?

A: I have been away for a while and so I don’t know whether he would go for chips fungas, but as for me – bhajia funga works for me. (Laughs)

P: Have you ever been sausage funguad?

A: I am yet to experience that.

P: If you were in Santos’ shoes what would you do differently?

A: I would try different collabos with other rappers who would give my music a different feel, to bridge from the XYZee style. Or try fusing zouk beats with rap.