Uproar in Uganda Parliament over Sh13m budget for President Museveni's wardrobe

Uganda MPs attend a session in Parliament. [Parliament Watch, Uganda, Twitter]

Outrage sparked in Ugandan parliament on Thursday , May 18, as a section of opposition lawmakers questioned the allocation of Sh12.9 million towards President Yoweri Museveni’s clothes.

Members of the Budget Committee who authored the report likened the president's wardrobe allowance to that of a Hollywood celebrity.

According to the report, the Ugandan Head of State is allocated a sum of Sh13.9 million which they think is ‘wasteful’ as the president would spend Sh36,696 per day on clothes.

“Our President is not a Hollywood star required to change wardrobe every day. He is the President of a poor country. Why buy him clothes worth Sh13 million every year. What happened to the clothes that we bought last year?" the MPs posed.

Museveni, 78, is famous for his grandfather style of dressing, often seen donning big hats and regularly in suits which could explain his love for luxury and style.

He is allocated a sum of Sh17 billion in the budget for expenses which the legislature now terms as ‘wasteful’ for a president of a third-world country.

Another area of concern by the lawmakers was in the presidency and State House funding.

In the budget, money is allocated for two presidential residents at Nakasero State lodge and at State house in Entebbe, Uganda, to be fitted with furniture worth Sh22m annually.

Additionally, the Ugandan MPs also wondered why they are providing agriculture supplies and veterinary services in the presidential budget.

"We are providing Sh288 million for agriculture supplies. We are also providing another Sh6.8 billion for veterinary services. Did the President turn State House into a farm without the knowledge of the country? Parliament must be sure that we are not the ones funding Museveni's private farms in Kisozi and Rwakitura,” reads part of the report.

The Ugandan ruler has raised from a family of cattle keepers and has been identified as one who likes consuming organic foods.

Even though he is so vocal about what he eats to avoid developing lifestyle diseases, in Karamoja area to the north-west of Uganda, several people have been reported dead from malnutrition.

The Budget Committee report reveals that Uganda’s national debt is projected to increase by 2.5 percent in Financial Year 2023.