State seeks Sh8.7b for 23 Asal counties facing hunger
By James Wanzala 27th Aug, 2021
The first group consists of ten counties that require urgent action and a high cost of intervention.

FAO, government sign deal to mitigate drought in Asal counties
By James Wanzala 20th Jul, 2021
Families are now forced to cover longer distances to access water for domestic and livestock use.

High cost of food hurting families
By James Wanzala 18th Jul, 2021
Over 50 per cent of the households cannot afford a nutrient-adequate diet.

Less talk more action, Munya challenges ahead of food summit
By James Wanzala 13th Jul, 2021
Hailemariam Dessalegn said he was inspired to see African leaders make agriculture a priority but noted that a lot more needed to be done.

Farmers to benefit from digital farm extension services
By James Wanzala 13th Jun, 2020
Livestock farmers can now access essential extension services from their mobile phones following the launch of a new app.

Weeding robot earns JKUAT students Sh1.6m
By James Wanzala 31st May, 2020
The competition saw thousands of students across the world submit innovations that impact the communities they live in.


Drought-hit counties receive livestock feeds to cope
By Jeniffer Anyango 22nd Sep, 2021
State reports show that 10 counties are in the alarm stage and require urgent support and around 2.1 million people are in acute food insecurity.

Agricultural subsidies lead to climate change and poor health, UN report warns
By Peter Muiruri 22nd Sep, 2021
A new multi-agency report has found that current support to farmers worldwide includes measures harmful to nature and people’s health.

Diseases affecting cows reproductive parts
By Dr Othieno Joseph 20th Sep, 2021
Human beings are affected by drinking unpasteurised milk and other milk products from infected cows

How to make more cash with goodies from peanuts
By Jennifer Anyango 19th Sep, 2021
Farmers can diversify and make more money from peanuts

How to manage East Coast Fever
By Dr Othieno Joseph 19th Sep, 2021
East Coast Fever abbreviated as ECF is a tick-borne disease of cattle.

Tips on buying quality poultry disinfectants
By Dr Watson Messo 19th Sep, 2021
Chlorine and iodine-based products are less harmful to users and the environment for poultry.