Why you should stop stalking your ex on social media (Photo: iStock)

When a relationship dies, a part of you dies with it too. You wake up one day and realize you can no longer call this person and hang out like you used to, and that hurts to the core.

In that phase where you start to accept that you actually broke up, you will miss them greatly. You might go through some old photos you took together before you delete them, wear their jumper one more time, and before you know it, you’ve been stalking them on Instagram for the past three hours.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, people are guilty of creeping around their ex’s social media. While it might seem harmless, the consequences are very real. So, what exactly is the problem with stalking your ex’s profile? Read on:

It can trigger resentment

Resentment is poison to your emotional well-being. And when you’re going through a breakup, chances of feeling resentful are very high.

If you start going through their photos it is almost a guarantee you will nitpick and find something to complain about. Don’t start secretly ‘’checking up’’ on your ex because you might just be setting yourself up for bitterness and resentment.


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It can encourage obsession

We can admit that it’s not easy seeing someone we love move on right in front of our face. This is probably one of the main reasons people find it better to unfriend or block an ex.

That innocent five-minute scroll could turn into an everyday thing and if you don’t know how to manage your emotions, it could spiral into a toxic obsession. It’s probably best for you to detach as soon as possible if you know you have obsessive tendencies.

It can sabotage your next relationship

The other reason why it might not be a good idea is, you will be so fixated on someone who is not meant for you and miss out on someone else that is. You sort of become emotionally unavailable because your mind is still stuck in the past.

You need to give yourself no-contact space, which also includes boundaries on social media for you to figure things out first.

It blocks your healing process

You’re probably still hurting and need to take care of yourself emotionally first. You will sabotage your healing by constantly trying to keep up with what your ex is up to on social media.

Listen to your heart when it tells you that it needs you to block out any distractions even if it means letting your ex be.

It unfairly keeps your ex from moving on

A lot of the time, stalking ends with reaching out. It’s not necessarily bad if you both want things to work out, but it will go south if your ex still has strong feelings while you’re on the fence about reconciling.

You have to be willing to let them heal and find someone who makes them happy. So separate yourself and don’t string them along if you have no real intentions of sticking around.