A relationship can either be a blessing or curse in your life (Photo: Courtesy)

Relationships can go two ways. They can be the best blessing in your life or a curse depending on what your experience is.

Toxic relationships can do a lot of damage and many people have ended up losing their lives. You can avoid these situations by properly vetting the people you choose to date and if you realize you’re in a relationship that’s not good for you, you need to re-think whether this is something you want to deal with.

Once it reaches a place where irreversible damage has been done, the best choice is to leave. These are some of the many signs that indicate you should have left like yesterday:

You no longer feel safe

You will know you’re in a healthy relationship if you both feel safe around each other. This is what allows you to openly communicate, build trust and be vulnerable around each other.

The opposite of that is when you don’t feel comfortable around your partner. It’s not a good idea to keep the relationship going when you’re constantly worried about what their next move will be.

If simple questions about their whereabouts, finances or your own personal concerns cannot be met with direct answers or they totally lose it to a point of getting abusive, you need to take action.

This is definitely a volatile situation and you should leave as soon as possible.

There is no trust

When there is no trust, the entire relationship changes. It could be that there’s been years of cheating and emotional manipulation and after a while everything starts to spiral into something toxic.

If you’ve had to put up with a disloyal partner for some time and you seem to be the only one committed to the relationship, it’s time to call it quits.

 If the fights are starting to get physical, you need to leave (Photo: Courtesy)
There are too many fights and arguments

It’s normal for couples to have their different opinions and views because you don’t have to agree on every single topic which is totally normal.

However, it’s a big red flag if you and your partner are having more arguments than conversations. It’s even worse if those arguments start to escalate to shouting matches.

Lack of healthy communication is a big reason why couple splits happen. If you’ve tried everything to move forward in a healthy way and nothing seems to be working, you should probably move on.

Your mental health is suffering

Spending years in a relationship that’s not working out can take a toll on your mental and emotional wellbeing. Everything might look okay on the outside, but deep down you’re not as happy as you used to be when you started dating.

You will start seeing signs like rapid weight loss and an overall feeling of sadness and anxiety whenever you’re around your partner. It may get so bad that even those around you start noticing it too.

Remember that you should never wait for things to get worse before you decide to leave.

You’re numb to the toxicity

Toxic relationships can sometimes be fun and exciting for someone who doesn’t realize that they’re not in a healthy relationship.

You might be at a point where you feel like you can’t survive without the person you’re dating even though you know you’re not good for each other.

Adapting to the toxic situation you’re in doesn’t mean that you’re doing something worthwhile. You’re actually putting yourself in a place where you will take a very long time to heal if you don’t make the right decision early.