A tongue piercing will take three to six months to completely heal (Photo: Courtesy)
What is the aftercare like?

Like any other piercing, hygiene should be your top priority. You need to ensure you're maintaining proper oral care throughout and you also need to follow the correct instructions given by your piercer.

You might also need to go for a review after a few days so that you can confirm that everything is okay. The other thing is, that you should avoid hot foods and spicy snacks because these could make the pain even worse.


This will depend on where you're going to get it done. But generally, getting one is affordable and it can cost you anywhere from Sh 2500 to Sh 5000.

How long does it take to heal?

For most people, the healing is fully completed between three and six months. You can accelerate the healing by observing the proper after-care measures.

If you don't take care of it properly, there is a higher risk of developing complications, which then prolongs the time it takes to heal.

 Ensure to get your tongue piercing done by a professional (Photo: Courtesy)
Are there any risks?

Although this type of piercing is pretty simple to get and maintain, there are still a couple of serious risks that come with it.

First, there is the problem of developing a bacterial infection on a fresh piercing but, you can avoid that by maintaining hygiene. Then there are other issues like permanent nerve injury and allergic reactions.

There are also other risks to your oral health because your jewellery can cause gum recession, plaque buildup and tooth chipping or fracturing.

Important tips

As always, you should choose to get it done by a professional. You need to confirm if they observe hygiene and whether they sterilize their tools properly to prevent infections or possible complications.

An experienced piercer will also pierce the right position on your tongue. They should know where to correctly place the piercing because you wouldn't want to be stuck with a crooked or awkwardly placed tongue piercing.

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