Chicken lickin' goodness (Photo: AV)

There are different types of this poultry including broilers and free range which is commonly known as ‘kienyeji’.

The meat from a free-range chicken is healthier since they are exposed to a natural lifestyle.

Generally, chicken is a really tasty meal. You can now imagine how much a chicken made with the right spices will leave you drooling.

Let’s learn how to cook one of those.


1 Large Onion


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3 Tomatoes

3 Cloves of Garlic

1 green bell pepper

A piece of Ginger root

3 Tablespoons of Tomato paste

2 Tablespoons of Curry powder

1 Tablespoon of turmeric


1 Cup of Buttermilk (maziwa mala)

½ a cup of Coconut cream



Other spices of your preference


Boil the chicken for 20 minutes. As it boils, prepare your groceries. Grate the tomatoes, dice the green bell pepper and smash the garlic and ginger using a mortar and pestle.

Heat oil in a cooking pot and add onions. Sauté the onions till golden brown. Add the garlic and ginger paste followed by the green bell peppers.

After the peppers are soft and tender, add the tomato paste, curry powder, and any other spices which you prefer.

Once the compounds have formed a consistent paste add in the chicken and stir gently until the mixture is well incorporated.

Add in coconut cream and buttermilk, stir then cover to let it boil. If the stew is too thick, you can add some water.

Serve when hot with ugali, rice or chapati. Enjoy!