It is deeply unfair how relationships cannot move forward until the man makes the decision to lead them that way
By La Patrona Aug. 5, 2023
The burden of having children and the shame of not having them falls entirely on women, even though men account for 40 to 50 per cent of all infertility cases
By La Patrona Sep. 16, 2023
Many of us women see an ex coming back as a sign of love. However, most men keep coming back because they know you lack boundaries and the willingness to leave
By La Patrona Sep. 22, 2023
For situationships to work out, men would need to be more like women, and women would need to be more like men but that isn't feasible
By La Patrona Sep. 29, 2023
If men are going to only pay half of the bills, they should also be able to do house chores and take care of the children beyond that Sunday hangout
By La Patrona Oct. 13, 2023
Studies show that women doubt themselves too much and tend to underestimate their values and skills in the job market unlike men
By La Patrona Nov. 21, 2023
Men pay bills most of the time but this should not hoodwink you into thinking you are completely safe with them
By La Patrona Nov. 29, 2023