Alexander Mundigi the new Embu senator who could not afford campaign posters

Alexander Mundigi receives his certificate. August 13, 2022[Muriithi Mugo, Standard]

Alexander Mundigi did not have campaign posters or the money to pay agents. He relied on the goodwill of the Embu people and succeeded.

Little Known Alexander Mundigi (56) has astonished many after defeating political heavyweights in the Embu Senatorial race that had attracted 12 candidates among them the county governor and his deputy.

In the just concluded elections in Embu, Mundigi floored outgoing Embu Governor Martin Wambora and his deputy David Kariuki, incumbent Njeru Ndwiga, former National Assembly Chief whip Norman Nyagah and former Principal Secretary Lilian Mbogo Omollo in what was billed the battle of might.

He was probably the poorest in the cast that was vying in that election this year.

The father of five comes from Mayori Village and schooled at Irabari Primary School in Mbeere South Constituency of Embu County before proceeding to a private secondary school and later pursuing a Diploma in Building and Construction".

He also graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor's Degree in Bible studies from the Covenant Theological College based in the United States of America after enrolling in an online course.

Mundigi, worked for 30 years at KenGen switching between Kiambere, Masinga, and Kamburu as a building and construction administrator before trying his luck in 2007 when he vied for the Mbeere South (Gachoka then) parliamentary seat on a Democratic Party ticket but never made it beyond nominations due limitation of campaign resources.

"I got frustrated and went back to KenGeb, never tried in 2013, but managed to finish second as an independent candidate in 2017," Mundigi said.

While working for Kengen, Mundigi, ventured into Matatu business where he had 10 of them, and rose to become an official at Kiritiri Embu Transport Nissan Operators (KETNO).

The business did not do well after he was transferred from the Seven Forks Hydro Power stations to West Pokot," he said. "While away from the operation area of my PSV vehicles there was mismanagement and the business collapsed."

He has also juggled many hats.

While at Kengen, Mundigi was also a union leader and says he had experience in lobbying that he will utilise at the Senate.

"I want to offer a leadership gap of uniting all Embu leaders to speak in one voice while playing the key role of oversight and lobbying of resources for Embu County. The county needs more money for health services and infrastructure development," Mundigi said.

During the 2022 campaigns, Mundigi could not fund his campaigns like his competitors as he had no posters and would travel for long distances to physically donate Sh 500.

Mundigi was a common sight in weddings and funeral services which is how he endeared himself to the voters.

"That is why I also came up with the slogan 'Kava Mundigi twonaga' meaning "We value Mundigi who is always present."

In the last tour of Deputy President William Ruto in Embu town, Mundigi was not introduced despite vying on the Democratic Party ticket a Kenya Kwanza affiliate party. However, DP Ruto introduced him after the crowd went wild shouting his name, "Mundigi! Mundigi! Mundigi!"

He held a campaign Harambee that only raised Sh 300,000 that could not fund his campaign in the expansive Embu County but well-wishers branded his car and donated a few posters in the last weeks of the campaign. "I did not have a driver but drove myself throughout the campaign".

He said that for the last five years since he lost in 2017 he had used all the money that he had because he had been attending social events to support his supporters and church events.

"I almost gave up for I could not even afford to pay the agents Sh600 they were asking for but trusted in God," said the elated senator-elect.