Six killed in Garissa in suspected inter-clan war

By Abdimalik Hajir | Aug 16, 2023

Tension is high in Garissa County after six people were killed by unknown gunmen in the Bukore on Wednesday, August 16.

Northeastern Regional police boss John Otieno says the incident could result from an inter-clan conflict.

“The victims were asked to identify themselves before they were shot at close range. All the deceased are from the same clan,” Otieno has told The Standard.

He has also said that preliminary investigations have revealed that the attackers were five to eight.

He adds that one suspect has been arrested as investigations into the incident are underway.

A police report seen by The Standard indicates that the six were killed as they drive to Hulugho on Borokey Road, from Garissa Town.

“Had been shot dead by unknown persons in the areas of Duale Dam in Bula Arlgy location while driving on Bokorey Road heading to Hulugho from Garissa town,"

The area chief has told police officers that the six were all residents of Hulugho who had come to trade at Garissa.

He says they were on their way back when they were attacked by nine unknown men.

The bodies of the deceased have been moved to Garissa County Hospital Morgue.




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