Health experts advise that starting small is ideal if one wants to reap the benefits of achieving goals [Courtesy, Freepik]

If you are an ardent traveller, the month of December and the festivities that come with it must have been the highlight of thrills. 

However, most of us did indulge “without a care” of the consequences and as January settles in, it is time to think about that now, before losing out on health. 

Many travellers are now gearing up for resolutions are aimed at enhancing their well-being. Unfortunately, research shows that diving headfirst into major changes (for fear of those festive overindulges), can lead to burnout in a short time. 

Health experts advise that starting small is ideal if one wants to reap the benefits of achieving goals. Starting small, they say, amounts to building up momentum gradually, giving you a chance to increase your livelihood by maintaining healthier habits throughout the year. 

Research also says that small achievements activate the brain’s reward circuitry, releasing feel-good chemicals that boost confidence and self-esteem.

There are several small things that you could that will have a positive impact on your well-being. It is now time to embark on a journey towards healthier living in the new year! 


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The good thing is, this does not have to be an abrupt or overwhelming strategy. All you need to do is focus on small, manageable goals now and before you know it, you will cultivate a sense of achievement that will boost your motivation and lay the foundation for achievement of your 2024 resolutions and goals. 

Start with clear proactive strategies that will boost your health. For instance, you can create your tailor-made workout plan. This could be a weekend workout plan. Take a proactive approach to fitness by scheduling weekly workouts on Saturdays or Sundays. 

You could also plan for a “me time” for reflection and taking stock of your small achievements. Foster commitment to do this and give yourself reasons to celebrate this intentional act. 

If you do not have time for the traditional exercise, commit to doing a five-minute walk/movement daily. If you do not have time or space for this, incorporate activities like marching in one place or a short walk around.

Starting with lowering exercise expectations makes it easier to stay motivated. Gradually, you will learn to increase not only the activity but also set up exercise routines. 

Nightly routine

If your daily activities cause you stress or unhealthy habits, establish a nightly routine that will allow you a five-minute self-care routine.

This could involve meditation, deep breathing exercises, journaling, or any activity that will engage you in a relaxing routine. Prioritise personal well-being before bedtime as this will contribute to a night of better sleep and overall health. 

And remember, water is life. By starting your day with a glass of water, experts say, you are hydrating your body and preparing it for the tasks ahead. 

To help you remember this, place a water bottle or glass next to the bed or a place in the kitchen that will remind you “there is water to be taken”, to encourage this morning routine, thereby setting a positive tone for the day.

To improve your diet gradually, start by incorporating one vegetable and fruit daily. You could start by adding spinach as a vegetable or making a smoothie. The point to remember is, that making small dietary changes lays the groundwork for healthier eating habits. 

And before even thinking about your relationship with others, you must first cultivate a positive self-relationship by investing in self-reflection.

Some of the activities that promote this include, reading/watching a self-improvement book/movie, and writing a journal before bed. This encourages connection with your thoughts and feelings, thus contributing to your overall mental well-being.