Feeling stuck? How to get out of a rut (Photo: iStock)

Being stuck in a rut refers to a state of feeling trapped or stagnant. Where your thoughts, actions and behaviours seem to be going nowhere.

It is a feeling of being stuck in a cycle of monotony, boredom and lack of progress, which can lead to feelings of frustration, stress, and even depression.

This feeling can manifest itself in various areas of life, such as work, relationships, hobbies and even personal growth.

In the workplace for example, being stuck in a rut can mean feeling unfulfilled or bored with your job, with little or no room for growth or advancement.

In relationships, it can mean feeling stagnant or unfulfilled, unsure of whether or not change will come. In personal growth, it can mean feeling like you are not making progress towards your goals or dreams while everyone around you is.

These feelings stem from several causes including a lack of motivation, a lack of direction or even a lack of self-confidence. It can also be caused by external factors such as a difficult work environment or personal challenges.


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Breaking out of a rut requires a conscious effort to identify the underlying causes and take deliberate action to make changes.

This may involve trying new things, setting goals, seeking support and taking care of yourself. It is important to remember that breaking out of a rut is not a quick fix and may take time and effort.

However, with the right mindset and determination, it is possible to break free and start making progress again.

How? Start by identifying the exact problem. What exactly is causing you to feel the way you do? Could it be someone in your life who is triggering these negative emotions?

Once you have that figured out, it becomes easier to find a solution. Set a goal and that way you have something to work towards. Before you know it, you are making progress and things are starting to fall into place. This will be incredibly motivating.

If it begins to get too much again, break down the goals into much smaller achievable steps. As you build the momentum, celebrate the small wins and take it easy on yourself.

Remember, what you are doing now can also become a stress factor.