Forget the little black dress and welcome the little white dress (Photo: Pinterest)
The little white dress

You've probably already heard of the LBD too many times, which stands for the 'little black dress.' If you haven't, it's a simple black dress that you can wear in a variety of styles for different occasions.

The LBD has been a capsule wardrobe staple for so long and now it's time for a small change. This style season it's all about colour so why not try adding a simple white dress into your new capsule collection instead?

You can even go with an off-white shade if you're afraid of dealing with brilliant white.

White sneakers

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Still, on the topic of white outfits, you should also have at least one pair of white sneakers. The good thing is that white sneakers have always been in style since the beginning of fashion and you can never go wrong.

These sneakers will elevate your look in a crisp and classy way whether you're wearing jeans, shorts or a dress. You can even wear them for occasions and still look well put together.

 A neutral coat is an all-weather closet essential (Photo: Pinterest)
Colourful pieces

A capsule wardrobe doesn't have to be all neutral tones. Neutrals are great and we need them but what else will you match them with?

Since we are at a time when bold shades are trending, don't be afraid to mix in some colour into your collection. If you still want to stay within the safe colours, you can try something like pastel pieces that will add a pop without doing too much.

Try and experiment with items like jewellery and accessories such as scarves to give your outfits some life.

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