Five-minute makeup routine for busy women (Photo: iStock)

Do you need to be out the door like yesterday? Our lives are so hectic that it can be hard to find a minute to ourselves in the morning, let alone a proper facebeat. If this sounds like your typical morning, then trying out those complex and detailed makeup looks is a terrible idea.

As tempting as it might be, you're more likely to apply too much concealer or get your eyebrows wrong. And since you don't have time to start over, you're stuck with looking weird for the rest of the day.

That's why it's important to have your 'in a hurry' routine for those days when you just don't have enough time to look your best. This simple five-minute make-up routine will give you a refreshed look in as little time as possible:


After applying your moisturizer, serums, primer or any other skin-prepping products, you can move on to foundation.

Foundation is a great go-to product because it will give your skin a more even shade especially when you don’t have time to patiently apply and blend other tone-correcting products like concealer.

A matte foundation would be the perfect option but other alternatives like BB cream are perfect as well.


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Brows are just those features that need to look neat, otherwise, the whole look won’t come out right. The good thing is that you don’t need a lot of time to get them done because you can simply brush them and fill them in a little bit all in 30 seconds.

If you have full brows you can just brush them and maybe spare a few seconds to set them with some brow gel.


Eye makeup is easy to mess up when you’re tensed up. So in this case it would be better to avoid messy options like liquid eyeliner and use pencil eyeliner instead.

This could also work for you when you want a bit of eye makeup but don’t have time to carefully apply mascara then give it time to dry. For a quick and easy daytime look, you could apply some eyeliner at the top and bottom edges of your eyes.


Blush is a very easy way to bring back some warmth into any look. Warm-toned, radiant cheeks will give the impression of youthfulness and vibrancy without doing too much.

Depending on your undertones, choose a shade that can bring out your features more. And remember with blush a little goes a long way so add a tiny bit at a time.


Lipstick usually has a way of making you look effortlessly done. Even if you had a second to put it on, no one will know.

Still, it’s better to go with simple choices like cream lipstick that doesn’t need you to be too meticulous. Just like the liquid eyeliner situation, you should probably avoid liquid lipsticks for now.

Another quick option you can do is a lip liner and lip gloss combo or lip tints. If you’re really in a rush you could simply apply lip balm because this is way better than being forced to walk out with dry lips.

It is important not to be heavy-handed with your products because anything could easily go wrong. Apply everything lightly at first then add on if you feel the need to.