Walking for John Guarnes was not just another runway experience; it was a journey through a world of textures, colours and emotions [Courtesy, files Standard]

The 'Faces' collection took the audience on a visual journey that traversed cultures and generations. The hand-painted Mikado Silk garments were a canvas that displayed the beauty and diversity of women's faces.

The Kenyan supermodel received the praise from all, including John Guarnes himself who described her as "a statuesque beauty that I'm looking for in a model".

"Their (models) presence elevated the collection, and I'm delighted with how each model embodied the essence of my designs," John Guarnes said.

"Fashion weeks are not just about the clothes; they are also about the stories that unfold on the runway. For this season's BFW I had a unique opportunity to walk for the highly acclaimed and multi-awarded fashion designer and artist," Sharon said.

"I graced the runway in a stunning ensemble, a wearable work of art that fused classic patterns with a modern twist. The audience was captivated, and the designs received thunderous applause, cementing this collaboration as a success and a testament to the dynamic creativity of BFW," said Sharon.

While NYFW tends to showcase the polished, high-fashion aesthetics, BFW thrives on individuality and often displays a raw and eclectic vibe that resonates with the people of Brooklyn.

The fusion of the edition with NYFW adds a layer of authenticity and diversity to the global fashion scene, a testament to the ever-evolving tapestry of New York City's style.

Dr Sharon Okubo BFW runway John Guarnes