In your search for the best skincare ingredients, you might have come across arbutin, known for brightening skin, fading dark spots, and reducing hyperpigmentation
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By Aug. 20, 2022
Many people feel embarrassed about having dark knuckles. It might seem like a minor issue to be worried about but it can affect how you feel about yourself
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By Oscar Obonyo Aug. 16, 2022
From Lupita, Beyonce, Gabrielle Union, to Halle Berry, it looks like black female celebrities have found the fountain of truly ageless skin
Getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment that you have to be absolutely sure about. It’s not just something you wake up to do when you are bored
Essential oils are a must-have for every beauty lover - they are not only great for your skin but they are also known for their stress-relieving and mood-boosting qualities
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By Fay Ngina Aug. 8, 2022
Makeup will not fix your skin problems, but one thing it can do is help cover up. First, identify your concerns so you can target the specific areas
The skin being the body’s largest organ, it is usually one of the first places to show the effects of your diet – whether healthy or unhealthy
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By Pauline Muindi May. 28, 2022
We continuously come across skincare trends including those that don’t really work but a promising trend that is currently taking everyone by surprise is slugging
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By Esther Muchene May. 10, 2022
While some ladies stay radiant during pregnancy for most it is an unending nightmare of acne and bad hair days
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By Pauline Muindi Apr. 19, 2022